The Band.

hummingBird is an acoustic singer songwriter duo joining the voices and instrumental talents of Sue Chick Denton and Jaime Birch. The duo blends gripping vocals, beautiful and intense harmonies and a number of instruments including guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass and harmonica.

Their original material ranges from soulful and heartfelt to fun and light. Through authenticity and shared experiences the duo forms a connection with their audiences and their shows have been described as follows:

“Jaime and Sue are both brimming over with talent. They have a great rapport on stage and they invite the audience to share in the good time they’re having.”

Although known primarily as a folk outfit, hummingBird has a diverse musical background that flavours their musical sensibilities.

The duo pursued music separately as Sue and Jaime for many years until an opportunity arose for them to join voices and instruments on stage. What occurred was a natural partnership and the decision was made to put a label on it…hummingBird was awakened.


In October 2017 the duo released their debut album "Fly". To listen and learn more about this project click HERE.